And the Winner is....

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU so much for your very sweet card you sent to me while I was sick last week. It made me feel so much better!!! I missed all of you, but I know Mr. Ryan and the rest of the Graceland Studio Crew had it under control. Thank you Studio Crew!!!

So, I know you are all dying to know who will be served Ice Cream Sundaes this week. Drum roll please....... And the winner is...... the BOYS!!! Congratulations boys!!! You will be served Ice Cream Sundaes this Sunday by the girls. But never fear girls, after you have served the boys their Ice Cream Sundaes, you will receive a small prize for being a good sport and trying so hard during this competition.

I am so proud of all of you!!! I can't wait until this Sunday when you hear what our new competition is going to be. You will LOVE it!!!

If you want to go ahead and start collecting points for this new competition, go ahead and leave your name in the "comments" sections, and you will receive those points this week!!!


Last Sunday for Sundae-Sunday Competition!!!

THIS IS IT!!! This is the last Sunday to earn points for your team for the Sundae-Sunday competition. How to get points:

1. Bring your Bible

2. Bring your offering

3. Leave your name in the comments section below this post. (Just click the word "comment" and it will open a place for you to leave your name.)

Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!

Can You See Me Now?

This week in Graceland Studios we talked about the man who was born blind. Jesus healed this man by spitting in the dirt (Jesus just went to a whole new level of coolness in the eyes of some of our Graceland Studios boys) and rubbing it in his eyes. He then told the man to go wash his eyes. The man did so and he was HEALED!!! Though we may not be blind, these are some lessons we can learn from this story:
1. Jesus sees you
2. Jesus knows your real needs
3. Jesus works in many different ways - Just trust Him


Never too Late!!!

I hope everyone is getting back into the "groove" of getting up early and going to school, ugh! Only a few more weeks left until Summer Break, YAY!!!

Our lesson this week dealt with the fact that it is never too late to give your heart to Jesus. No matter how bad you have been, if you ask Jesus to forgive your sins, He will! Even as Jesus was hanging on the cross, the thief, who had lived a life of sin, asked Jesus to remember him as He entered His kingdom. At that moment, the thief was TRANSFORMED into a follower of Christ. Jesus forgave him and though his heart was "dirty" from sin, Jesus made it "clean" (ask your kids how we demonstrated that this week).

Only a couple of weeks left on the Sundae Sunday competition!!! Need points? Here is how to get them:
1. Bring your bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the comments section below this post. (Click on the word "comment" and it will open a box for you to leave your name)

Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


Happy Spring Break, WOO HOO!!!

Hello Graceland Kiddos!!! I hope you guys are having an AWESOME Spring Break!!!

We had a really great time at the egg hunt this week. Over 1,500 eggs were hidden and most were found :) Thank you, so much, to all of the volunteers, you guys rocked it!!! To view the egg hunt photos, click here.

We also had a great time doing our salvation bracelets with Mrs. Kim. I wanted to post the meanings of the beads in case you needed a reminder:
Black: sin in our heart
Red: Jesus blood shed for our sins
White: After we ask Jesus into our hearts, our hearts are "clean"
Blue: Water baptism, to show the world that we are saved
Green: Growth in our relationship with God
Yellow: The promise of eternity in Heaven

I hope you guys wear these bracelets often to remind you to share your faith with others.

Our lesson this week was about the story of Easter! What an incredible story of hope, faith, and forgiveness. Our Big Idea stated:

Our Power Verse:

Only a few weeks left in our Sundae-Sunday competition!!! Need more points for your team? Here is how to get it:
1. Bring your bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the comments section below this post.(Just click the word "comment" and it will open a box)

I hope you guys have a great week, and I can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!