New Series Starting This Sunday!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jon Torrence for winning the Toy Story 3 competition!!! He and his family are going for FREE to see Toy Story 3 this Sunday. Everyone is invited to join us at 1:15 at the movie Theater in Cartersville to see Toy Story 3, I hope to see everyone there!!!

This Sunday we are starting our new series, "Bugs, small creatures...BIG LESSONS". Each week the Bug Man will introduce us to a new bug that will teach us a BIG LESSON on living for God. You are gonna love it!!!

This week we will also introduce our new competition and find out how to get to those extra entries. If you leave your name on this blog post, you will get 2 extra entries this Sunday (just click "comment" below this post and it will open a window for you to put your name).

See you Sunday!!!



This is it!!! We will be doing the drawing this Sunday, June 20th for the Toy Story 3 competition. Will your family be the one going for FREE ON June 27th? Get those last minute entries by:
1) Being at Graceland Studios this Sunday
2) Bring your offering
3) Bring your Bible
4) Bring a toy for Operation Christmas Child
5) Leave your name on this post. (Click "comment" below this post and it will open a window for you to put your name in.)

I can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


Jesus Calms the Storm!!!

This week in Graceland Studios we talked about all the storms of life that we face. But we also talked about the One who calms those storms. Just like He did for the disciples when they were in the boat and a terrible storm came. Jesus saw that His disciples were scared, and He simply said, "Peace, be still". Ahhhhh! Just hearing that makes you breathe a little better doesn't it? Jesus loves us so much, and all we have to do is trust Him, and He will speak, "Peace, be still" to our storm!


Our Toy Competition is still on!!! Don't forget, until June 20th you can earn tickets for:
1) Bringing your Bible
2) Bringing your offering
3) Bringing a toy for Operation Christmas Child
4) Leaving your name on the blog. (Just click the word "comment" under this post and it will open a window for you to leave your name)

You guys are the COOLEST!!!


To Infinity and Beyond!

When you think of Buzz Lightyear, what is the first thing that comes to mind? "To infinity and beyond", right? This week in Graceland Studios we talked about what infinity means and where we will spend "infinity and beyond". Jesus told His disciples before He left this earth that He was going to prepare a place for us. That place is Heaven. A wonderful place full of love, peace, and no night-time (which means NO BED TIME, YAY!!!)

Our power verse this week was John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE."

It is time for Life School Musical!!! It is going to be so much fun! If you missed this weeks kick-off, don't worry, we can still sign you up. The practices will be every Wednesday night at 6:30. Performance will be Sunday, August 29th.

Toy Story competition:
Only a few more weeks left!!! Here is how to get more entries:
- Bring your Bible
- Bring your offering
- Bring a toy for Operation Christmas Child
- Leave your name on the blog (just click on the word "comment" below this post and it will open a window for you to leave your name)