I can not wait until this Sunday!!! It is time for our 2nd Annual GS Water Day, Woo Hoo!!! So don't forget to wear your bathing suits and bring your towels, because we are going to get SOAKED!

Don't forget about the $100 Toys R Us Gift Certificate give a way. After you sign in this week, make sure you go to the ticket table to get your entries into the contest. Don't forget to leave your name on this post and you will get extra entries this Sunday!!!(just click the word "comment" and it will open a window for you to put your name)

See you Sunday!!!



As we continued with our "BUGS" series this week, we learned about the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly and how it is a great example of our life in Christ. Before we are saved, we are like the catipllar crawling through the grime and sludge of sin. Always in fear of being squashed. But, when we give our hearts to Christ He transforms us into a beautiful butterfly that soars above all of that "stuff". We become a new creation in Christ.

Don't forget about the $100 Toys R Us giveaway!!! Be at church on Sunday, bring your bible and offering, leave your name on the blog, and you will be set!


I'm Back!!!

Hi guys, so sorry I haven't updated lately. I have been enjoying two amazing weeks of camp. I was hoping to have some pictures to put up today, but I can't get them downloaded from my camera. Hopefully I will get it working soon.

Graceland Studios July/August newsletter is in the mail to you right now, so make sure you sit down with Mom and Dad to read it so everyone can know all the fun stuff we have going on Graceland Studios!

Don't forget about our $100 Toys R Us Gift Card competition we have going on. Here is how to get entries:
- Be at Graceland Studios every Sunday
- Bring your offering
- Bring your Bible
- Sign our blog (under this post, click the word "comment" and it will open a window for you to put your name)