Case 2 - SOLVED!!!

Excellent job cadets, we did it again!!! Operation Sunblock is officially closed thanks to your excellent spy skills. This week, the secret code that the VLOBG didn't want us to find out was: I WILL HAVE PEACE WHEN I'M AFRAID BECAUSE GOD IS WITH ME!

During our spy training this week, we had to use our Decoder Ring to decode this weeks Bible verse. "But when I am afriad, I will put my trust in You." Psalm 56:3.

Boys vs. Girls Silly String Showdown update: This week the points are 5 to 5!!! That's right the girls caught up. So, how do you get points?
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name on this post (click the word "comment" and it will open a window)

Can't wait to see you this Sunday!!!


Case 1 - SOLVED!!!

Excellent job Spy Chase cadets!!! You did a great job finding all the clues to shutdown the Villanous League of Bad Guys, and putting a stop to Operation: Pied Piper. You are on your way to becoming true spies for P.R.O.P.H.E.T. Do you remember the answer to our mystery this week???


I hope you are making wise choices this week and following God. Remember Proverbs 1:10 "...if sinners entice you, turn your back on them".

Don't forget to bring back your Family Devotion paper so you can get some extra points for your team.

Boys vs. Girls Silly String Showdown is ON!!! How to get points:
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Bring your Family Devotion paper
4. Leave your name on this post (in he comments section)

Can't wait to see you again on Sunday!!!


You DON'T want to miss it!!!!

I can not wait until this Sunday!!! We are starting our new curriculum, Spy Chase!!! We are going to help stop the evil schemes of the Villanous League of Bad Guys as elite members of P.R.O.P.H.E.T. Each week we will help Agent X search for clues until we have stopped the V.L.O.B.G. So wear your best spy gear as we start this INCREDIBLY COOL mission!!!!

Boys vs. Girls Silly String Showdown is underway!!! How to get points for your team:
1. Bring your bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Participate
4. Sign the blog (click the word comment, it will open a window for a comment, then just leave your name)




I am sooooooo proud of you Life School Musical-ers!!!! You did an absolutely FABULOUS job this past Sunday. Also, congratulations to Morgan Hughes for winning the Toys R Us gift card!!!

You don't want to miss this Sunday! The bug man has some pretty cool things to teach us. Want to know what this weeks bug is? Here is a hint: BEEEEEEE at Gracelands Studios at 10 AM Sunday morning and find out!