Life School Musical!!!

It is finally here, LIFE SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!! We are so excited to present this musical this Sunday @ 9 & 11! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!

We are also doing the drawing for the $100 Toys R Us gift card give-a-way, who will be the big winner this year???????????


Are you a cockroach or a moth?

"What? I am a human being?!!" I know, I know. Well, this week in Graceland Studios, the Bug Man asked if we were a cockroach or a moth. Do we run away from the Light like cockroaches or do we go toward the Light, like a moth? So, I hope your answer to that question is, "I am a moth!"

Our Big Idea was lots of fun this week: "I ain't no cockroach". Our power verse told us that "if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us". What an awesome promise!!!!

This week is the last week to get entries into the Toys R Us $100 gift card giveaway!!! So, leave your name on this post (click "comment" and it will open a window for you to leave your name)and bring your Bible and offering this Sunday. We will do the drawing on August 29th, after Life School Musical!!!!

See you Sunday!!!


Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye!!!

This past Sunday was bittersweet in Graceland Studios. We said "hello" to the upcoming Graceland Studio-ers, and "good-bye" to our AWESOME middle schoolers. As we have now started back to school, we looked through our back pack of school supplies to see what we can remember about God's love for us (ask your kids about that). Then we looked to A Snoodles Tale, my favorite story ever, to remind us of how God sees us. This year at school, we are going to put our back packs, remember all the cool things God has put in our "packs" and see ourselves and others the way God does.

I can't wait to see you this Sunday as we continue in our "Bugs" series. The Bug Man has another cool, creepy bug to help teach us a great big lesson!

Life School Musical - Sunday, August 29 - 9 & 11!!!!

Only two more weeks before the big $100 Toys R Us Gift Certificate give a way!!! Don't forget to get an extra entry by leaving your name on the blog(just click "comment" under this post and it will open a window for you to leave your name.)

See ya Sunday!!!


Back to School!

What an exciting Summer we have had in Graceland Studios!!! We have been busy, busy with camp, Life School Musical, Water Day, and this Sunday, Promotion Sunday. A new school year is here, (wow, that was fast), and we are going to celebrate this Sunday. Everyone will be moving up to new small groups and our 6th graders will be moving up to the middle school ministry. So, be there this Sunday at 10 AM as we gear up for the new school year!

Want to see what Graceland Studios has been up to this summer? Click here to check out our summer photos.

Don't forget to leave your name (and a message if you would like) on this post, so you can get an extra entry into the drawing for the Toys R Us $100 gift card give a way!