Happy Birthday Jesus!

Graceland Studios Christmas party is this Sunday @ 10 AM! Join us as we celebrate Jesus birth with games, fun, and more FUN!

It is also the wrap up for the Silly String Showdown! Who will be silly stringed this week, the boys or the girls????

Can't wait to see ya Sunday!


Put your plans in God's hands!

This week we started our Christmas series "Love Shines Thru". Johnny Rogers reminded us of the story of Mary. Though she wasn't expecting to have a child at such a young age, she decided to put her plans in God's hands. During our prayer time we decided to give our plans to God. What a great gift to give to God this Christmas.

Only two weeks left in the Silly String Showdown! Dont forget to:
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Sign this post (click the word "comment" below, and just leave your name in the window that opens)

Also, Graceland Studios Christmas Party will be December 19th!FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

See ya Sunday!