I am Free!!!

This week in Graceland Studios we talked about how to be set free from our sins. We looked at the story of the woman who was caught in adultery (being a girlfriend or boyfriend to someone who is already married). The religious leaders took her to Jesus and said, "the law says we should stone her, what do you say we should do?" Jesus simply bent down and began writing in the dirt, then he looked up and said, "any of you who are without sin, go ahead and cast the first stone." One by one the people dropped their stones and left. (I love this next part)Jesus looked at the woman and said, "woman, where are your accusers?" She looked around and said, "they are gone". Then Jesus loving said, "neither do I accuse you, go and leave your sinful ways behind." WOW!!! Jesus, who was without sin, didn't condemn her, but loved her and set her free! What a beautiful picture of forgiveness and freedom from sin.

Our Big Idea says:

Sven and Glen introduced us to our Power Verse that said:

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No Doubt!!!

This week in Graceland Studios we learned about dealing with Doubt. We were reminded of Thomas, one of Jesus disciples, who doubted Jesus had risen from the dead. Looking at Thomas example, we learned:
1. When you doubt, admit it.
2. Your doubt doesn't change the truth.
3. Jesus loves you, even when you doubt.
4. Choose to believe, and get the doubt out!

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Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


The Ultimate Transformer!!!

This Sunday we started our new series: Transformed. Each week we learn about people from the Bible who came face to face with Jesus and were TRANSFORMED! This week we met the widowed mother of the child who Jesus raised from the dead in Luke chapter 7. The child was transformed from Dead to Alive!!! If Jesus can make that kind of transformation in him, just think of what he can do for us.

Sven and Glen, the body-builders, introduced our power verse to us that says:

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Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


Watch Your Mouth!!!

We had an awesome time this week in Graceland Studios learning about the most powerful weapon in the world. No, it's not a gun,and it is not a bomb, it is our tongue!!! And, you know we had to do something to , make it memorable, so we brought in a 3 lb. cow tongue, GROSS!!! (I think Mr. Jason enjoyed it as much as anybody)

The Bible tells us in James 3:5 "The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do." How true! How many times has someone said something that really hurt us? Or, how many times have we said something to really hurt someone else?

This week was also Graceland's 2nd Birthday!!! We love our Church!!!

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Points and stuff!

This past week in Graceland Studios we talked about dealing with Depression, "The Cave Man Blues". Don't remember a cave man in the Bible? Well, maybe not a cave man like the one pictured, but a different sort of caveman. Remember, David, the guy who killed Goliath with a small stone, the guy annointed to be the King of Israel? Well, the current King of Israel, Saul, became angry and jealous of David and wanted to kill him. David ended up running from Saul and hiding in a cave called Adullam. Here we find our "cave man" feeling very loneley and depressed.

Do you know what David did? He wrote a song. You would think it was a sad song, but it wasn''t. As we looked at Psalm 34 we find:
1. It's ok to cry. Ps. 34:6
2. I am not alone in the cave. Ps. 34:18
3. God hears me when I call. Ps. 34:17
4. The Joy of the Lord is my strength! Ps. 34:5

No more "singin' the blues"!!!

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Can't wait to see you Sunday!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Graceland!!!