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This past week in Graceland Studios we talked about dealing with Depression, "The Cave Man Blues". Don't remember a cave man in the Bible? Well, maybe not a cave man like the one pictured, but a different sort of caveman. Remember, David, the guy who killed Goliath with a small stone, the guy annointed to be the King of Israel? Well, the current King of Israel, Saul, became angry and jealous of David and wanted to kill him. David ended up running from Saul and hiding in a cave called Adullam. Here we find our "cave man" feeling very loneley and depressed.

Do you know what David did? He wrote a song. You would think it was a sad song, but it wasn''t. As we looked at Psalm 34 we find:
1. It's ok to cry. Ps. 34:6
2. I am not alone in the cave. Ps. 34:18
3. God hears me when I call. Ps. 34:17
4. The Joy of the Lord is my strength! Ps. 34:5

No more "singin' the blues"!!!

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Unfortunately, we will no longer be doing the secret phrase:(
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Can't wait to see you Sunday!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Graceland!!!


  1. kaitlyn & brendan

  2. When people get the Depreshn they file like no one loves them.But why?


  3. Depreshon is one thang troble is what i say.dont u thank that?and its not bad to fill depreshon.all so not a sin.


  4. Hi Katie,
    I am glad you commented and read the blog. It is not fun to feel like nobody loves you. But we don't have to feel that way. I would also say that depression isn't a sin. We all get sad sometimes and it is hard to get over it. But when it becomes a sin is when we stay that way and won't trust God to help us out of it. Don't forget what we talked about Sunday, "the joy of the Lord is our strength". I will pray for you this week. And I hope you always know that I love you!

  5. Julianna Garlin

  6. Savanna and Eva Olson