No Doubt!!!

This week in Graceland Studios we learned about dealing with Doubt. We were reminded of Thomas, one of Jesus disciples, who doubted Jesus had risen from the dead. Looking at Thomas example, we learned:
1. When you doubt, admit it.
2. Your doubt doesn't change the truth.
3. Jesus loves you, even when you doubt.
4. Choose to believe, and get the doubt out!

*** Extra Points ***
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the "comments" under this post. (You must leave it by 8:00 AM Sunday morning!)

Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


  1. kaitlyn and Brendan Welch

  2. Noah Clay, Austin Clay, Dalton Everhardt and Zachary Everhardt say 'see you tomorrow'

  3. Garrison, Trenton, and Kenzie!!!!