The Ultimate Transformer!!!

This Sunday we started our new series: Transformed. Each week we learn about people from the Bible who came face to face with Jesus and were TRANSFORMED! This week we met the widowed mother of the child who Jesus raised from the dead in Luke chapter 7. The child was transformed from Dead to Alive!!! If Jesus can make that kind of transformation in him, just think of what he can do for us.

Sven and Glen, the body-builders, introduced our power verse to us that says:

Only 6 more weeks left in our Boys vs. Girls Sundae-Sunday challenge. Here is how you get points:
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the comments section of the blog (just click comments under this post and it will take you to the screen). Only those that have entered before 8:00 AM Sunday morning will be counted.

Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


  1. Brendan & Kaitlyn Welch

  2. Parker and Carson

  3. Garrison, Trenton, and Kenzie McDaniel