Are you a cockroach or a moth?

"What? I am a human being?!!" I know, I know. Well, this week in Graceland Studios, the Bug Man asked if we were a cockroach or a moth. Do we run away from the Light like cockroaches or do we go toward the Light, like a moth? So, I hope your answer to that question is, "I am a moth!"

Our Big Idea was lots of fun this week: "I ain't no cockroach". Our power verse told us that "if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us". What an awesome promise!!!!

This week is the last week to get entries into the Toys R Us $100 gift card giveaway!!! So, leave your name on this post (click "comment" and it will open a window for you to leave your name)and bring your Bible and offering this Sunday. We will do the drawing on August 29th, after Life School Musical!!!!

See you Sunday!!!


  1. Audrey & Elijah Donoho

  2. i love going to gracelandstdios its so fun!! there is so many big events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!