Under Pressure!!!

This week in Graceland Studios we talked about Dealing With Stress! Sometimes we think children don't know the first thing about dealing with stress, but from the pressure to do well in sports, make good grades, have a certain amount of friends, and act a certain way, life can be pretty overwhelming to a child.

But like our Big Idea says: If you're stressed, come to God and rest! We learned that when we feel like the pressure of life is too much to handle we can always go to God for rest.

Our bible story this week was from Luke 10. Mary and Martha were having Jesus over for dinner (talk about a reason to be stressed out, feeding Jesus a meal in your home!) Jesus was sitting in the living room teaching and spending time with everyone. Martha was running around the house completely STRESSED OUT! Martha came into the living room and said to Jesus, "Lord, isn't it so unfair that Mary is in here with you while I am taking care of everything else?" Jesus said,"Martha, Mary is exactly where you need to be...with me. Instead of stressing out over all these details, you should be right here with me as well."

Take time, as a family, this week to "come to God and rest". Have a blessed week!

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