Toy Story Competition has officially begun!!!!

I am so excited about the new competition we started in Graceland Studios!!!This competition will be every Sunday until June 20th. So, here is how it works. Each week your child will receive tickets for:
1) Being at Graceland Studios
2) Bringing their Bible
3) Bringing their Offering
4) Leaving their name on the blog (weekly)
5) Bringing a new toy for Operation Christmas Child. (1 ticket for each toy)

We are using this time to get started on our toy collection for Operation Christmas Child. The type of toys we need are: coloring books, crayons, small dolls, stuffed animals, cars, yo-yo's, etc. The toy needs to be new and small enough to fit in a shoe box, allowing room for other items.

After sign in each Sunday, your child will go to the Toy Story competition table. There will be someone there to give them the tickets they earned. They will then sign their name on the tickets and put them in the bucket for a special drawing on June 20th.

Now for the Grand Prize!

We are planning to take a trip to see Toy Story 3 on June 27 immediately following the Sunday morning service. If your child's name is drawn, you and your family will go for FREE (popcorn and snacks included)!!!!! So, help your child to get as many entries as possible, starting now. Please leave your child's name in the comments section of this blog (click the word "comments" and it will open a window for you to leave the name). Make sure you check the blog every week!!!


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