Case 3 - SOLVED!!!

You did it again, Cadets! Excellent work! You stopped Operation:Silent Night by cracking the code : I WILL LISTEN TO GOD! The Villanous League of Bad Guys just can't win with you on the case. The PROPHET who helped us crack the code this week was Jeremiah. He was surrounded by people who didn't want to listen to God, and boy did that end bad! As God's children, we should always be listening for His voice.

Don't forget about the Silly String Showdown. The boys are ahead by 3 points, but that could quickly change. Here is how to get points:
1. Bring your Bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name on the blog (click the word "comment" it will open a box for you to leave your name).

I can't wait to see you Sunday, neither can Agent X (haha!)