Case 4 - Solved

Excellent job helping Nicov Tyme defeat the Villanous League of Bad Guys!!! You guys figured out the code: I WILL OBEY GOD and put a stop to Operation Lawless Land. We also learned about Jonah. He made a wrong choice and decided not to obey God, and we all know where he ended up, YUCK! I want to remind you to make the right choice this week and obey God.

Don't forget the Silly String Showdown. Boys are ahead, but it could all change. So, here is how to get points:
1) Bring your Bible
2) Bring your offering
3) Leave your name on the blog. (click the word "comment" below this post, and leave your name)

Graceland Studios Hodown is Sunday, October 31st @ 10 AM. Wear your best cowboy/cowgirl outfits for a "YEE HAW" time.