And the Winner is....

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU so much for your very sweet card you sent to me while I was sick last week. It made me feel so much better!!! I missed all of you, but I know Mr. Ryan and the rest of the Graceland Studio Crew had it under control. Thank you Studio Crew!!!

So, I know you are all dying to know who will be served Ice Cream Sundaes this week. Drum roll please....... And the winner is...... the BOYS!!! Congratulations boys!!! You will be served Ice Cream Sundaes this Sunday by the girls. But never fear girls, after you have served the boys their Ice Cream Sundaes, you will receive a small prize for being a good sport and trying so hard during this competition.

I am so proud of all of you!!! I can't wait until this Sunday when you hear what our new competition is going to be. You will LOVE it!!!

If you want to go ahead and start collecting points for this new competition, go ahead and leave your name in the "comments" sections, and you will receive those points this week!!!


  1. I'm posting this for Daniel, my son. He won't be there this week due to out of town company again (grandparents) who don't go to church on Sunday. He's bummed that he's going to miss the fun! ....Again!

    Thanks for all that everyone does for our youngins' each week! Glad you're all better, PJ!

    God bless you all,
    Diane Palmer

  2. Dalton and Zachary Everhardt
    Austin and Noah Clay