Never too Late!!!

I hope everyone is getting back into the "groove" of getting up early and going to school, ugh! Only a few more weeks left until Summer Break, YAY!!!

Our lesson this week dealt with the fact that it is never too late to give your heart to Jesus. No matter how bad you have been, if you ask Jesus to forgive your sins, He will! Even as Jesus was hanging on the cross, the thief, who had lived a life of sin, asked Jesus to remember him as He entered His kingdom. At that moment, the thief was TRANSFORMED into a follower of Christ. Jesus forgave him and though his heart was "dirty" from sin, Jesus made it "clean" (ask your kids how we demonstrated that this week).

Only a couple of weeks left on the Sundae Sunday competition!!! Need points? Here is how to get them:
1. Bring your bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the comments section below this post. (Click on the word "comment" and it will open a box for you to leave your name)

Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!


  1. Dalton and Zachary Everhardt
    Austin and Noah Clay

  2. Catie Bell cannot wait to see you sunday!!!!

  3. Bella will see you all soon!