Happy Spring Break, WOO HOO!!!

Hello Graceland Kiddos!!! I hope you guys are having an AWESOME Spring Break!!!

We had a really great time at the egg hunt this week. Over 1,500 eggs were hidden and most were found :) Thank you, so much, to all of the volunteers, you guys rocked it!!! To view the egg hunt photos, click here.

We also had a great time doing our salvation bracelets with Mrs. Kim. I wanted to post the meanings of the beads in case you needed a reminder:
Black: sin in our heart
Red: Jesus blood shed for our sins
White: After we ask Jesus into our hearts, our hearts are "clean"
Blue: Water baptism, to show the world that we are saved
Green: Growth in our relationship with God
Yellow: The promise of eternity in Heaven

I hope you guys wear these bracelets often to remind you to share your faith with others.

Our lesson this week was about the story of Easter! What an incredible story of hope, faith, and forgiveness. Our Big Idea stated:

Our Power Verse:

Only a few weeks left in our Sundae-Sunday competition!!! Need more points for your team? Here is how to get it:
1. Bring your bible
2. Bring your offering
3. Leave your name in the comments section below this post.(Just click the word "comment" and it will open a box)

I hope you guys have a great week, and I can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!


  1. The egg hunt was a BLAST! Thanks for all you do to organize and get wonderful things ready for Graceland kids every week!

    Katie and Noah Thompson

  2. PJ...you and Jason are the best! Those kids love you so much...

  3. Garrison, Trenton, and Kenzie. Awesome egg hunt last week!!! Thanks for it all!

  4. Savanna and Eva!! What a great Easter Sunday service!

  5. savanna can we sing one way?

  6. Daniel, see ya there; with my Bible and my offering!

  7. See you there with my Bible and my offering!

  8. I enjoyed Children's Church yesterday! Did you hear the boy who kept singing "My mom is the best!"? Too bad his mom didn't hear it, unless she was in there.

  9. I really like the CHURCH!

  10. I am looking forward to children's church. See you Sunday!!!