Family Devotion for "Fear Factor"

Big Idea: “Bring On The Scary, Bring On The Fear, I Know That My God Is Near!”
Power Verse: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid…for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

For this devotion, you will need some tape or a long piece of string or yarn. You’ll also need something you can use as a reward, such as a piece of candy or other treat.
Take the tape or string and make a straight line across the floor that’s several feet long. Place the treat at one end of the tape/string. Tell your children that in order to get a reward, they must walk with one foot in front of the other across the tape/string without letting either foot touch the floor on the side. Some children will be able to do this while others won’t; it doesn’t matter either way. After each child has had a chance to walk across the tape/string, have them walk back to the beginning and try it again, this time holding your hand. Then discuss the following questions:
• Was it easier to cross the tape/string by yourself or when someone was helping you? Why?
• What would have happened if you’d never taken the first step to cross the tape/string? (You wouldn’t have gotten the reward.)
• If the tape/string had been really high or over a pit of alligators, how would you have felt? Would you have still wanted to walk across?

Explain to your children that throughout their lives, they’ll be faced with situations where they may have to do something they’re afraid of in order to achieve their goal. They may not have to walk over a pit of alligators, but they may have to face other types of fear such as the fear of failure or the fear of poverty. Read Isaiah 43:1 and remind your children that God will always be with them, helping them make it through any fearful situation they might face.

Pray together, thanking God that He’s always with you and will always give you the courage to face your fears.

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  1. Very good, PJ...you are doing so much with and for these children....