Fear Factor

This week in Graceland Studios we talked about dealing with Fear. Our Bible story came from Joshua chapter 1. Joshua was very sad because Moses had just died, and he loved Moses. Moses was a great and powerful leader. But, now God has told Joshua that he is going to be the new leader fo the army of the Israelites. Can you imagine being told that you are now the general of the army? Imagine, one day you are just a young man minding your own business and then next day you are told you are going to be then general of the army! What would you do? Probably the same thing Joshua did...Joshua FREAKED OUT! He is afraid the people won't follow him. He's afraid he will fail as the leader of God's people. When he tells God about his fear, God replies, "Be strong and courageous... do not be afraid..." (Joshua 1:9)

I hope you will take some time this week to talk with your children about some fears they may have in their life. Pray that God will help them deal with those fears and "be strong and courageous" and always remember that God is with them.


  1. Ms. PJ I need this lesson! ha ha! Love the blog!

  2. Cute picture! Great lesson for our young ones...and the not so young!

  3. The boys kept talking about this all the way home. Thank you for what you do. Your the Best! From Teresa Everhardt